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Pronto Air Personal Transporter Power Wheelchair

 If you are a new customer looking to purchase your first electric wheelchair or you are unhappy with your current chair, the Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter is the ideal option.   Picking the right chair can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially with all the products on the market, but there is no need to waste time getting bogged down in information.  You deserve the best and there is nothing better than the Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter.

This model offers the best features on the market when it comes to comfort and design.  Years of research and planning have gone into creating a wheelchair that directly meets the needs of consumers.  You will enjoy the lush padding and ergonomic design that supports good posture and allows for full days of activity.  The chair actually helps relieve stress by pinpointing specific pressure points that can become irritated by other chairs.
In addition, the Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter is a reliable chair that you can feel safe and secure about operating.  You won’t have to worry about the potential for mechanical failure while you are out enjoying time with your friends and family.  With the Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter there is no need to settle for anything less than the best.


  • Weight Capacity250 lb
  • Overall Length37.8"
  • Overall Width23.5"
  • Weight, Total190 lb
  • Weight, Base75 lb
  • Weight, Seat55 lb
  • Weight, Batteries60 lb
  • Minimum Seat Height21"
  • Maximum Seat Height25"
  • Drive Wheels12"x2.5" Non-marking Urethane
  • Caster Wheels6"x2" Urethane with Precision Sealed Bearings
  • Battery Type17 AHx2
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Feb 24, 2018