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  • Shown in Pickup Bed in Use

Harmar AL815CC Lift
The AL815CC Crew Cab 150 Speed Lift is ideal for loading and unloading a scooter or wheelchair into pickup trucks with crew cabs. It features an elongated arm for easy side loading and works twice as fast as the Crew Cab 225 HD truck lift. This model also features an anti-rotate strap system and compact base to ensure that the unit fits properly into your truck bed. This convenient lift hauls your mobility aid right to the driver's or passenger's side door. The Crew Cab 150 Speed Lift is also equipped with a simple hand control and dash-mounted switch, making lift operation easy as pie even from within the cab!


  • AccomodatesCrew Cab Trucks
  • Mobility DevicesManual Chairs, Scooters and Small Power Chairs up to 135 lbs.
  • Adjustable Boom Height Min34"
  • Adjustable Boom Height Max41"
  • Adjustable Boom Length Min46.5"
  • Adjustable Boom Length Max67"
  • Lifting Weight Capacity135 lb
  • Installed Weight121 lb
  • Docking DeviceIncluded
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May 21, 2022