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Do you need to be able to transport your electric wheelchair everywhere you go? Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs has a ton of options for adapting your vehicle to carry your powerchair along with you on your next vacation trip! We offer carriers and exterior hitch-mounted lifts, as well as interior-mounted lifts which automatically load your electric wheel chair into your vehicle's rear hatch, side door, or trunk space. If you need assistance determining which lift is compatible with your electric wheelchair and vehicle model, we invite you to contact our vehicle lift specialists today by dialing 1 (800) 790-5523.

  • Outside Vehicle Lifts

    Outside Vehicle Lifts

    Our selection of hitch-mounted exterior lifts caters to various vehicle types, wheelchair designs, sizes, and weights, allowing you to select a lift solution that works best with your car, truck, van or SUV. Many of our lifts are fully automated, and also feature manual backup operation so you can use your lift even when power is interrupted.
  • Inside Vehicle Lifts

    Inside Vehicle Lifts

    Our interior vehicle lifts mount on the inside of your car, truck, van, or SUV. Rotating boom arms allow you to easily lift and store your electric wheelchair inside your vehicle with minimal difficulty. These inside lifts install quickly and easily, providing you a convenient method of transporting your power chair.
  • Manual Lifts

    Manual Lifts

    Our most affordable vehicle lifts, these manually-operated wheelchair lifts are simple to install and require no wiring. A manual lift means never having to worry about power interruptions when you're ready to load or unload your power wheel chair.
  • Vertical Platform Lifts

    Vertical Platform Lifts

    We offer vertical lift solutions to cover every need, from permanent home and commercial installations to portable platform lifts that are great for making community buildings, schools, theatres, and places of worship more accessible for mobility-impaired individuals. Call 1 (800) 790-5523 today to consult with our lift specialists and begin planning for your vertical platform lift installation!


Jul 17, 2024