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Big John Toilet Seat

If you've just moved into a new home and discovered that the builder - or previous occupants - skimped on bathroom fixtures by installing a cheap economy-model commode, you may want to install a toilet seat that's a bit more comfortable and accomodating for day-to-day usage. That's where Big John comes in! This ADA-compliant deluxe toilet seat replaces your existing seat hardware and is compatible with both round and elongated commode shapes. Measuring 19 inches wide and built with integrated stainless steel hinges, the Big John is rated to hold 1,200 pounds of weight. Gripping bumpers on the seat's underside keep the Big John in place, making transfers to and from wheelchairs safer and easier.


  • Weight Capacity1,200 lb
  • Maximum Width19.2"
  • Adjustable WidthNo
  • Length17.93"
  • Minimum Rise2.43"
  • Maximum Rise2.43"
  • Hinge TypeStainless Steel
  • Fits Elongated BowlsYes
  • Fits Round BowlsYes
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Feb 20, 2018