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Vesta Flip-Up Rail

AmeriGlide offers many custom options for personalizing your stair lift to your precise needs. One such option that will be of assistance to many homeowners is the flip-up stair lift rail. The bottom of the lift's track has a hinged section which can be lifted and lowered as needed to provide space for people to walk by or to grant you access to a door near the bottom fo the stair lift.

We recommend adding a flip-up rail to your Vesta stair lift in the following cases:

  • You have a door at the bottom of the stair case opposite the bottom step that can't be opened or closed when the stair lift chair is fully descended.
  • There is a door or closet at or within 12 inches of the bottom step on the same side of the stairwell that the stair lift and track are located.
  • If there is a high traffic area where the stair lift meets the floor and you want to prevent trips and falls.

Our mobility experts can help you determine if a flip-up rail section will be helpful when you call to place your order - contact us now at 1 (800) 790-5523 for details!

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Jun 20, 2024