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Pride Jazzy 1450 | FDA Class II medical device*

Pride Jazzy 1450

The Jazzy 1450 is a durable and powerful bariatric chair that comes with a 600 pound weight capacity. The chair comes with a sturdy base which is affixed with 14 inch, solid drive wheels and 9 inch rear wheels, which combine to offer maximum traction, support, and stability. You can travel over 12 miles on and single charge at speeds of up to 4 mph! This rugged chair is designed to last and is covered by an extensive warranty that includes 18-month coverage on drive motors.


  • Weight Capacity600 lb
  • Overall Length38.25"
  • Overall Width29.25"
  • Range12.14 mi
  • Top Speed4 mph
  • Turning Radius26.5"
  • Ground Clearance1.5"
  • Weight, Total336 lb
  • Weight, Base195 lb
  • Weight, Seat37 lb
  • Weight, Batteries104 lb
  • Minimum Seat Height18"
  • Maximum Seat Height24"
  • Drive Wheels14" Solid
  • Caster Wheels9" Casters
  • Controller Type90A, PG VR2
  • Charger Type8A, off-coard
  • Battery Type12 volt, Group 24
*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
Product Reviews
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Certified Customer
Poor Ride
Jun 30, 2019 3:44 PM
A Little About Myself
Large Disabled Viet Nam Vet of almost 70 yrs old
I get about 3 miles to a charge. I guess that's about as good as this one gets.
Where to start? It will not run in a straight line no matter what you do. I run through back wheels about every 85 days. It jerks the rider as you change directions. You can not go forward then backup in a straight line. The steering is so bad that it jerked sideways, it caused a little kitten to be crushed, and it died.
I had a Jazzy 1450 in the past and I loved it. Somehow all the new redesigns have turned this into a pile of junk. I think before the experts, who I bet never had to live in a wheelchair or are less than 200 lbs, make changes to a chair, they need to talk to someone over 450lbs that does live in one. Even the seat is hard as a board.
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Aug 15, 2016 7:16 PM
A Little About Myself
its shiny
just about everything design wise
This chair is such a disappointment. It has so many flaws I don't know where to begin.I guess i'll start with lack of comfort and work from there.I dont think the designers ever met anyone who uses a mobile chair before they made this thing. The herky jerky movement ,the poor turning radius, heck it won't even go in a straight line.Big thumbs down, and i had the 1650 before this one, and it was wonderful,comfortable, smooth and reliable and this is the exact oppisite, quite a slide in quality, and now i'm stuck wth this garbage till ins says time for a new one, hope this model discontinued by then. P.S. i had to rate 1 star because that was as low as it would let me but zero would be my true rating. get it together jazzy
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Oct 28, 2020