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Pride Jazzy Elite HD | FDA Class II medical device*

Pride Jazzy Elite HD
The Jazzy Elite HD features two-motor, front-wheel drive technology and heavy-duty construction. The Jazzy Elite HD features 14" drive wheels for enhanced outdoor performance combined with a front-wheel drive design to provide tight turns for optimal indoor maneuverability in small spaces. Large front wheels add extra absorption for superb climbing capabilities and combine with front antitip wheels for handling various terrains with ease.


  • Weight Capacity450 lb
  • Overall Length42.5"
  • Overall Width24.5"
  • Range14.4 mi
  • Top Speed4 mph
  • Turning Radius24"
  • Ground Clearance3"
  • Weight, Total214.5 lb
  • Weight, Base89 lb
  • Weight, Seat51.5 lb
  • Weight, Batteries74 lb
  • Minimum Seat Height20"
  • Maximum Seat Height22"
  • Drive Wheels14" Foam Filled
  • Caster Wheels6" Solid
  • Controller Type60A, Dynamic
  • Charger Type5A, off-board
  • Battery Type12 volt, NF-22
*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
Product Reviews
5 reviews 
Good, easy to use
Oct 14, 2017 8:14 PM
A Little About Myself
Smooth running. Fairly strong. Easy to use. Small turning radius
Low level of clearance. Poor battery life. Disc. claims 9.8 miles, but I've never seen more than 3 miles. Batteries will run strong for a distance, then suddenly discharge very quickly with little warning, will leave you stranded. Once batteries approach their end, they will hold no charge at all. There is no fade off period. Either they hold a charge or they don't.
It's a very good chair for the life of the unit, but just know that you will have to repair or replace it with little warning.
Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs replies:
Thank you for the review Davjohn. It sounds like you're in need of some new batteries. I couldn't locate your order with us, so I'm unsure if it's under warranty. I would recommend giving Pride Mobility a call to see if the batteries are still under warranty.
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Compare and shop around first
Sep 9, 2015 10:10 PM
A Little About Myself
Double amputee (legs)
Works well when it works
Motors last about a year, then need replacing. Left me stranded more than once. Thank God I'm in a small town where everyone knows me.
For a chair with a HD designation, it doesn't seem so durable. I'm far from the max capacity for this machine. It does see daily usage, but I don't take it off the sidewalk or pavement. I don't use prosthetics, or I would be able to walk when it breaks down. Usually starts with the right side motor, and, it they don't replace the left at the same time, it will fail shortly after. Service is usually quite prompt, but trying to walk my dog and maneuver a manual chair in the interim is not real easy.
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Can be scary, but a great machine.
Nov 2, 2014 8:37 AM
A Little About Myself
Lung disease - Pulmonary Fibrosis, can walk - but very limited
GREAT RANGE. Comfortable with an added GEL pillow. Easy to use. Well Balanced, will roll on grass.
Independent drive on each wheel makes terrain problematic. Several times I have hit an obstacle with one wheel, and not the other. this can spin you around 360 degrees. Clearance is not good
Service & Delivery
Service and delivery were good, and follow up when one of the cables came loose was excellent.
I love this chair, it has made my life much better. Before, I was homebound, unable to walk much further than from my house to the detached garage. Now I have the ability to go 10 miles! With such great range, I wish it had an additional battery cell that could power my O2 concentrator, or act as a reserve power source for my cell phone, and emergency power for the chair (an additional couple of miles. If you are thinking about buying an electric chair, this one is a good one.
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A great and enjoyable comfortable chair
Jul 7, 2014 1:28 AM
A Little About Myself
I'm have 4 broken sections of my back and I can't have surgery. I lost the use of my legs. This chair has given me my life back. Now I can go and do things where before I was limited to the places I could go to due to no scooters, except at Wal-Mart.
Overall. This Chair is the bomb. I've had no issues with it, when I want to go just push the joystick and I'm gone. It has slow speed to and really get moving speed. If you know how to make it turn you can turn on a dime. It's sleek enough to be able to go into any store or restaurant and feel comfortable. We know how the eyes love to stare. THIS IS A GREAT CHAIR. I LOVE MIKE. IT SAVED MY LIFE, I'M FREE AGAIN. And it has a safety mode to keep others from riding or playing on your chair, that's super cool!!
A little bit hard to get up on unlabeled walkways or driveways but a little maneuvering and it's cool.
Service & Delivery
They are available every where and great techs. Answer your calls quickly and have a over the phone solutions and convenient.
Best thing that happened to me since the accident. I'm mobile again, and got my freedom back. Thanks jazzy chair!!!!!!
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Good, but has problems.
Jun 3, 2014 5:22 PM
A Little About Myself
I'm paralyzed in both legs.
Excellent chair for inside use. It as a very small turning radius and is very easy to learn to use.
It as a very low ground clearance causing many problems outside. Cracks or uneven pavement is difficult. Going from level ground to a sidewalk ramp must be done carefully because the ramp bottoms out on Teton foot pad. Leg supports are available, but they change the center of gravity making it easy to tip forward.
Service & Delivery
Mine has been is very durable and has not required any service in the 9 months I have had it.
I would recommend this chair if the user lives in the city. It's great for the office, home or the store. But not good if you want to go off flat level ground, on grass, or hilly ground.
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